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Natural Rhodonite Stone Bracelet

Natural Rhodonite Stone Bracelet

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What is rhodonite?

Rhodonite is a silicate mineral characterized by its intense pink color (which comes from manganese) and black veins across its surface. As Ashley Leavy, founder and educational director of the Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy tells mbg, manganese within the crystal turns from pink to black when it oxidizes.

This stone is mainly found in the mountains of Russia, as well as parts of Australia, Sweden, and the U.S.

Known as a crystal to support love, new beginnings, and more, Leavy explains that the bold black lines that go across rhodonite's pink background are "a great metaphor for the balance that we need between tenderness and sternness."

Benefits of this crystal.

Supports a fresh start:

According to Leavy, rhodonite is an excellent crystal to work with if you're facing a big change, decision, or lesson. It helps us to honor our boundaries and make healthy decisions for ourselves, she explains, adding that it can also help you release the past.

"It helps you get rid of some of that baggage from the past, when you need to release fear or shame or resentment or regret," she says. All together, this results in energy that supports a fresh start or a beginning of some kind.

Encourages love & cooperation:

Rhodonite is heavily associated with love, as well as the heart chakra. Leavy tells mbg that it encourages love of all kinds, including love towards yourself, in relationships, and even in terms of group cooperation. She notes that it carries a compassionate, empathetic, and forgiving energy, which can be applied to a number of areas in our lives.

"It is excellent for encouraging generosity and giving," she says, adding that it also helps new friendships grow, which can be especially helpful if you're more on the introverted side.

Helps balance physical and emotional health:

And lastly, according to Leavy, rhodonite helps you to prioritize both your physical and emotional health. If you tend to overlook one or the other, she says, rhodonite serves as a good reminder to check in with both. "It's great for facilitating independence, and helps rebuild self esteem and self worth after you've gone through some difficult times or challenges," she adds.


How to use rhodonite:

Work with it on important dates throughout the year:

Because rhodonite is so helpful for new beginnings and "resets" of sorts, Leavy tells mbg she likes to work with it on important dates throughout the year, such as around New Year's, or even the spring equinox, as everything starts to grow again after the winter.

Anytime you feel a shift or a fresh start happening, consider it a good time to work with your rhodonite.




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