Collection: Oud Bar

Experience the traditional charm of DAR UL MISK's Oud Bar, which offers the Pure & Organic best oud fragrances. Take an immersive slide with Cambodia's Organic Oudh, which is extracted from woods and trees.Ouds, such as Oudh E Cambodi Pure & Oudh E Cambodi Qadeemi, were made with Organic and Pure ingredients years ago and crafted purely.This exquisite Oud Bar offers a fragrant curiosity of the rich, earthy tones found in the heart of Cambodia's lush forests, perfectly capturing the spirit of the country's natural beauty. Every drop combines the finest elements of nature to represent the rich history of oud attar. Experience the earthy, attractive smells of this carefully crafted Oud Bar, which is an amazing honor to the craft of perfumery and the allure of Natural, Organic Oud.