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Natural Amazonite Stone Bracelet

Natural Amazonite Stone Bracelet

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Amazonite is a variety of potassium feldspar and is the mineral class of Microcline. It is part of the triclinic crystal system and has a vitreous luster. Amazonite comes in shades of purple, grey, green, and blue. Most often it is a greenish blue color. The meaning of Amazonite is to soothe anxiety and bring clarity.

Amazing Amazonite is a heavenly healer for the tense body and quick to burn mind. This pretty stone takes all your negative emotions and turns them positive, leaving you ready to make decisions out of love rather than fear.

Where is Amazonite found?

Amazonite is found across the world in places like Russia, Brazil, the USA, and Madagascar. While it takes its name from the sweeping Amazon River - there are actually no Amazonite deposits in that specific area.

What is Amazonite used for?

Amazonite is used for healing, balancing masculine and feminine energies, and helping people to find their calm. It’s a stone with big soothing energy and is a glorious gem for teaching you to ‘go with the flow.

Is Amazonite safe to wear?

Yes, Amazonite is safe to wear. Along with being safe to wear, this stone also brings swathes of protection and other healing properties especially when in direct contact with the skin. Amazonite is known for balancing energies, And  for helping you to stay cool and calm. It can also ward off negative energy and protect you from the side effects of EMFs.



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