What are Concentrated Perfume Oils And How To Appy it?

What are Concentrated Perfume Oils And How To Appy it?

What are Concentrated Perfume Oils?

Concentrated perfume oils are oils naturally extracted from flowers, woods, spices, etc. As the name suggests, these are concentrated oils which does not contain any additives like alcohol during its production. This in turn makes them very much stronger than any of the perfume sprays. This method of making scent using concentrated oils has been around since the ancient times in Egypt.

Nowadays, a lot of people have started to prefer using oils over perfumes due to 2 main reasons:
  1  -  It has the highest concentration of the scent which in turns means longer lasting fragrance
  2  -  It does not have alcohol so it is good to be applied to sensitive skin types as well.

  Some scents in perfume oils are perfect for either the winter or summer.

The scents that would be perfect for the winter are musk, amber and saffron.  These scents keep your skin warm.The scents perfect for the summer are Jasmine, Khus, Kewda. These scents keep your skin cool.Concentrated perfume oils come in glass dropper bottles or in roller ball forms.

How to Apply Concentrated Perfume Oils

There are many ways that concentrated perfume oils are applied. Here are the two most common ways that perfume oils are applied.

Traditional Way

The traditional way of applying concentrated perfume oil is putting it on indirectly on clothing.
First, take about 2 or 3 drops of the oil on one of your inner wrists or on the palm. Then, gently rub both your wrists together and finally take your wrists and go over your clothing and by your neck to get the fragrance there. This can be done with roller ball oils too. 

This way is perfect to reduce the chances of staining your clothing as you are indirectly applying the oil on the clothes. It is perfect for light colored clothing. It also spreads the fragrance around the clothing and not have it only in one spot. 

The Direct Way

The direct way of applying concentrated perfume oil is by putting it directly all over your body.
First, take a few drops of oil in your inner wrists and gently put it behind your earlobes, your jawline, tips of the beard or the ends of your hair. 

This is perfect for those who want a strong scent on them and have it directly on their skin. The fragrance scent does not come immediately it will take some time to start up and get strong as it mingles with your body oils as well.


Oil Diffusers

Did you know that concentrated perfume oils can also be used in diffusers?!

It is perfect if you really love the smell and want your home, bedroom or office smelling just like it. You just need to add a few drops of the oil in the water in your diffuser and ta-da your home will now smell like your favorite oil. 

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